What We Do

Simply put, we help make the unknown known. The world of sports is full of potential and infinite possibility, which can make it feel a little overwhelming at times. That’s where Everlong Sports comes into play. By taking time to listen and understand what is most important to your family, we remove the element of surprise and personally advise you through the process of selecting from the hundreds of sports clubs and thousands of personal coaches. We will be by your side to help select a coach or club that meets your young athlete's goals and expectations.

Why Use a Personal Sports Advisor

We are dedicated to providing you with personalized service, extensive local knowledge and customized solutions.

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Personal Service

At Everlong Sports we listen. This is a relationship business, all communication is person to person to ensure we understand your needs and meet your expectations. We will be by your side throughout the sport selection process to provide you with the insight and information you need to make an informed decision.  


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Local Knowledge

We are experts in Southern California sports. We are fortunate to live in a region with a deep sports heritage and culture that produces some of the world's best coaches and athletes. By focusing on the greater Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego metropolitan areas, we are able to help you understand the nuances of the sporting programs and the people they represent.

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Custom Solutions

Unique problems require unique solutions. At Everlong Sports, we believe each situation is unique, we tailor our service to fully meet the needs of your family. Whether your athlete’s goal is to play at a scholastic, collegiate or professional level, we will provide a solution that best fits your needs.

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Family businesses are driven by long term vision and by the values behind the business. A family business is not for the next year, it is for the next generation, and we see that as a strength. Our family shares the same core values and we are passionate about sports and the services we provide. In any good family business, there are firm guiding principles carried from one generation to the next, ours are the commitment to Service, Expertise and Integrity.

  • Former Collegiate Athletes
  • Coaching Certification
  • 20 Years Experience in Sports and Education
  • Parents of a youth athlete.


Our Guiding Principles and Commitment to You


In everything we do, expertise is at the core of Everlong Sports. We know what we do well, and focus precisely on those things. We work tirelessly to expand the knowledge of the families and athletes we serve. Our expertise is why we’re a trusted advisor, and will continue to be for years to come.


We have a relentless drive to provide exceptional service, not just for our clients, but for the Southern California sports community. We are dedicated to skillfully execute and meet on our customers expectations. Regardless of what we’re providing - knowledge, solutions or our time - we are passionately and personally committed to delivering above and beyond.


As a family business built to serve your family, Everlong Sports acts with the highest ethics and the utmost honesty. We provide reliability to our clients and a deep knowledge built on research and relationships in the local community. Our business is built on our integrity and we have no intention of that changing.


At Everlong Sports we specialize in advising youth athletes and their families in lifelong sports. These sports allow athletes to pursue competitive physical activities with the goal of having fun, learning new skills and improving performance. With a growth mindset, young athletes can compete in these sports through high school, college and continue to master their skills well into adulthood.



Who we serve

We advise families of youth athletes. If you are looking for a personal coach, recreational league or competitive sports club, Everlong Sports is here to help get you in the game!


Where we serve

We are a Southern California company that serves the greater Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego metropolitan areas. Our regional expertise provides you with insight to better understand the nuances of sporting programs and the people they represent.

Services we offer

    Sport Consultation

  Sport Consultation

     Sports Coach/Club           Selection

   Sports Coach/Club           Selection

   Athlete Assessment

 Athlete Assessment

      Budget Planning

    Budget Planning

         Experiential                Evaluation

       Experiential                Evaluation

       Sport Culture

     Sport Culture

Whether you desire a complete turn-key solution or a specific service, Everlong Sports is here to serve your needs.

  • Sport Consultation - FREE*
  • Athlete Assessment - $250
  • Sports Coach/Club Selection - $250
  • Experiential Evaluation - $500
  • Sport Culture Review - $250
  • Budget Planning - $250
  • Sport Consultation
  • Athlete Assessment
  • Sports Coach/Club Selection
  • Sport Culture Review
  • Budget Planning
  • 60 day Service Guarantee
  • Sport Consultation
  • Athlete Assessment
  • Sports Coach/Club Selection
  • Experiential Evaluation
  • Sport Culture Review
  • Budget Planning
  • 90 day Service Guarantee

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